Associate Directors

Photo Credit: Rony Dutta

Madhuri Upadhya

Associate Director – Development, Strategist, Choreographer

God is in the details, they say. Madhuri choreographs occasionally – but her work is rich with inspiration, detail, and the use of multiple media.

As a choreographer, Madhuri is more of a researcher, working on an advanced vocabulary that melds dance, fine and visual arts. Her natural interest in painting (reinforced with a degree in Fine Arts from the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath) expresses itself in myriad patterns in her choreography. Classical dance training rounds out her accomplishments, giving her creations structure and grounding.

Madhuri’s approach to contemporary dance draws from Indian folk culture, puppetry, and even from an individual dancer’s movements. Chittara (from Nritarutya’s Prayog – 3), Trishanku (from Nritarutya’s Prayog 4) and What Do Puppets Do? are representative of her work; the former being one of Nritarutya’s most acclaimed pieces.


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