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Adhyaya 2016

Nritarutya presents Adhyaya, a Dance Festival at ADA Rangamandira auditorium on the 4th of November 2016. Adhyaya will feature two performing artists – Arushi Mudgal an Odissi dancer from New Delhi and Vishwakiran Nambi a contemporary Indian dancer from Bangalore. The performances will be based on different themes, classical and contemporary. Adhyaya is a dance…

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Motions of the Spine

There can be movement in the back in the two following ways:  Two adjacent vertebrae  Intervertebral disc.  Six degrees of freedom:  Flexion- A Back bend is a flexion in the back  Extension- A Rounded back is an extension in the back Lateral flexion – Side bend is a lateral extension Axial rotation –Turning along the…

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Chaine Vs Chakkar

Chaine A turning movement in which the dancer executes a half turn on each foot. Sharp spotting is required to perform proper chaine turns. Used in Jazz, Modern and Contemporary. Chakkar A turning movement along the axis of the spine which is done on the heels with one foot lifted off. Spotting is required to…

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