“Do something for somebody every day for which you don’t get paid.” – Albert Schweitzer

Dancing makes you strong. Flexible. Aware of your surroundings. It makes you trust your teammates completely. It’s like the flying trapeze – when the gymnast lets go of the rung for a double back-flip, he doesn’t just trust, he knows when he reaches out, he’ll find the hands to hold him. If only it worked the same way in our civilized societies.

Nritarutya has been involved in charitable and outreach activities right from day one. In a year, we choose two prime projects to lend a hand.If you want us to support your organization then – Contact. We see ourselves as lucky, gifted people, not because we’re artists or dancers, but because we lead comfortable safe lives. And we see so many who don’t. That’s where our resolve comes from.

Here’s a quick look at some of the outreach activities we’ve been involved in:

  • Scholarship endowments to educate 15 upcoming dancers
  • Choreography workshop for 20 budding child artistes at Natana, Mysore
  • Weekend classes for Bhuvaneshwari and Goripalya slum children in Bangalore
  • Workshops on dance for tribal children of Heggadadevanakote
  • Workshops for NGO’s like Samuha (who work with sexually abused adolescents) and Association for the Physically Disabled (APD)
  • Movement workshops for underprivileged children at the Ananya Charitable trust
  • Choreography of four Indian contemporary sequences for over 35 students of the Iyer Government High School, Bangalore, for their Annual Day celebrations
  • Choreography for underprivileged and tribal children of Deenabandhu Trust, in association with ‘Spandana’, led by Smt. B Jayashree, renowned theatre artiste; performed at Chamarajnagar and Mysore
  • Workshop classes for Sukrupa-supporting Anand Nagar slum children.
  • A charity performance at the Om Shakthi temple in Ulsoor, Bangalore
  • A fund-raising walk for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
  • A fund-raising choreography presentation to promote awareness of Breast cancer with Satya Paul
  • Donations towards girl child education with CRY
  • Donations towards surgery of injured animals
  • Donations for welfare of animals at KARUNA
  • Donations towards protecting the environment through Greenpeace