Portfolio Past Productions

Trafalgar square

Trikon 2007

Produced for international “India now” festival in association with Seher, Trikon, the production featured the most exciting, acclaimed dance compositions from Nritarutya’s collection. At Trafalgar square, London, an audience of 10000 plus watched the imaginative, intuitive and bold artistic creations-of its Indian representative.

Mars 3

Prayog 3

Experiments with Contrast Balance and Force. Nritarutya’s vision for brand Prayog is a direction to produce short thematic visual works and it being a melting pot of diverse artistes. Prayog-3, had a range of artistic expression from the earthy to the most sublime. Reviews and pictures below.


Maya Ayam 2011

Joint Dance Production between Chitraleka Dance Company, UK and Nritarutya, Maya Ayam is a stunning combination of dance artistry with evocative digital imagery, multimedia projection and spectacular lighting design.


Prayog 2 2004

Prayog, which means experiment, is Nritarutya’s branded home production. Featured once in every 3 years, Prayog 2  is the second edition of the series. Every Prayog travels extensively both nationally and internationally, with dance inspirations from mythology to modern age themes and experiences.


One way 2003

Switzerland based 18/0 waterproof and Nritarutya explored diverse cultural, political and contextual habits amd impressions between the two countries through humour and dance interactions. The 60 minute process revealed how influences are perceived differently by the two and how the defined lines can start to fade.