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Madhushala 2012

Produced for AB corp, “Madhushala” celebrated the legendary poet Dr.Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s poem and was staged for superstar Big B’s 70th birthday celebrations at Reliance Studios, Film City.


Madhur Milan An Extravagant Musical

“Madhur Milan”, is an extravagant musical, specially commissioned by Kokilaben Diraubhai Ambani for her 80th Birthday celebrations’. It glorifies the love, strength and the beauty of a woman. Bhagwan Krishna, in his Prem avatar, is a God of love, and his very idea of love has been shaped by the different roles that iconic women…


Nav Durga

Nav Durga, is the personification of Shakthi in nine manifestations.The production gives the audience a visual insight into the cultural, societal relevance of role and place of a woman through Indian celebrated myths.


Shakunthala The Musical

Our new mega production “Shakuntala” – a la Broadway take on the epic love story by Kalidasa – was staged at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. As excited and thrilled as we were, we had challenges aplenty.And all good wishes go to Abu Jani – Sandeep Khosla for making it happen. The first and the…

Invite Pass 8 by 4

Prayog 4

Prayog literally translates to ‘experiment’. Known for its bold, imaginative and intuitive artistic creations, the Prayog series brings extraordinary, quirky and out-of-the-box Indian dance compositions. Prayog’s vision is to showcase all over the world, contemporary India through its dance, theatre, and design aesthetics. The choreographers interpret and understand the contextual importance of Prayog researching the…

Colors of India

Colors of India

An odyssey of different dance forms of India, Colors of India is a package of different styles of dance. The production takes you through different states ofthe country and the dance styles specific to each state which are interwoven seamlessly to make a vibrant production.  

Drums of India

Drums of India

Exploring the musical diversity, Nritarutya’s style of dancing meets different kinds of drums – Panchvadyam (Kerala), Pung Cholom (Manipur), Dollu Kunitha (Karanataka), Nagara (Rajasthan) , Kachchhi Dhol (Gujarat), Cymbals , Kartaal and  Damaru in this vibrant, energetic and interactive sequence.