Our new mega production “Shakuntala” – a la Broadway take on the epic love story by Kalidasa – was staged at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. As excited and thrilled as we were, we had challenges aplenty.And all good wishes go to Abu Jani – Sandeep Khosla for making it happen. The first and the foremost was to concise the gigantic epic to 25 minutes. After reading the original story at lighting speed , artistic director Mayuri first sketched out the first 50 characters for the project.

With that done and 20 days in hand, Madhuri and Vishwa helped create movements unique to each character. They also assisted in the rehearsals and helped speed the process. We even had the cute little Anagha playing the younger version of Shakuntala. And then we had the ever helpful Bhanu Akka who mentored Madhuri (Our very own Shakunatla) and Sathya (Dushyanta) in ‘abhinaya’. She made it a point to pay us a visit and give her opinion on the production.

The highlight of the production (apart from the dance, that is) was none other than the effervescent Rani Mukherjee. She gave in her 100% and worked enthusiastically and uncomplainingly with Mayuri and Madhuri. She brought in with her, her energy and spunk. She slipped into Shakuntala’s role with ease and did full justice to the legendary beauty.

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