Professional Classes


Beginners level/level 1

Level 1 has duration of 1 year

The beginner level has been carefully crafted to guide dancers with little or no training in technique, to understand the fundamentals of movement and how it is applied to dance. It will form an understanding of the basic essentials of dance in terms of space, movement dynamics, alignment, balance, strengthening and agility.

Intermediate level or level 2 and 3

The two levels combined have duration of 6 months ( 48 sessions).

The Intermediate level comprises of increasing the dancers’ knowledge of movement and its anatomy, along with introductions to expression, stage awareness and performance ability.

The focus will be on teaching the dancers’ new techniques to develop an understanding of floor movement; partner work and ‘Abhinaya’, the art of expression.

Further emphasis will be given to basic Bharatha Natyam skills and Nritarutya’s movement style where the dancers will begin to understand the many sentiments behind the company’s dance language, choreographic intentions and their design.

Advanced level/ level 4 ( 24 sessions).

The intent of the advanced level is to fine tune the skills acquired in previous levels and apply them towards professional dancing. This level will mainly accentuate the presentational aspects of dance such as projection and communication, all which will contribute to an informal performance. There will be involvement of theory and lectures on Indian dance aesthetics and its application in modern dance. The dancers will also get the opportunity to work with the principal choreographers of NritaRutya and get an up-close look into the company’s dance style. There may be occasions where the dancers will also gain instruction from other reputed international choreographers.